Laser-Based lighting is the next revolution

Parhelion applies the unique characteristics of laser-based lighting to real-life illumination solutions for the first time. Introducing the most significant lighting innovation in more than a half century, it’s now possible to apply laser solutions using our technology platform: Laser Diffraction Gating (LDG).


Achieves exceptional lumen to watt ratios and low energy use Thermal properties minimize heat emission and long life Demarcate objects to identify and guide in difficult environments Preserve night vision and avoid disorientation Laser light source for quality white light, penetration, and absorption


By providing approachable, safe, innovative and well-designed laser-based solutions, Parhelion can provide the unique characteristics of laser light for marketable products. Its mission is to provide cost-effective uses of its own patented laser technologies within a safe FDA approved frequency.

Destination Lighting Wavelength No IR No UV
Accurate lighting and penetration Fixed predictable phase for optimal solutions Light is free of the infrared spectrum Light is free of the ultraviolet spectrum


Agriculture [+] First Responder [+] Emergency Egress [+]

The unprecedented controllability of our technology platform allows us to create LDG solutions with alternative colors, beam shapes or distributions. Together with the exceptional qualities of laser light, this leads to LDG results that, for example, offer unprecedented visibility in smoky, foggy or underwater conditions, or specific light to advance growth of crops. Potential applications include Safety & Rescue, Deep Sea, Outdoor and grow lights for Horticulture and Aquaculture.


LDG StripeLight Torch

A hand-held portable Tactical Flashlight combining a traditional LED and laser stripe plane. With a white LED light beam for general use and optional blue laser beam plane to delineate smoke to determine volume, velocity, and density, and stripe outline objects in a smoke-filled or fire-filled structure.

Powerful LED
  • 84000 Candela
  • Tight Beam
  • Long Runtime
  • Navigate while eyes acclimated to darkness
  • Smoke flow plane
  • Fast demarcation
Bezel Switch
  • Unique & Ergonomic Switch
  • Easy use, even with heavy gloves
  • No buttons!
And More;
  • Wireless charging
  • ATEX rated
  • IP67
  • Hardened clip
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Parhelion Firefly Laser Lamp was premiered on Kickstarter to fund R&D of Parhelion’s laser module for a successful product launch and setup of LDG production capability. The Firefly is a personal, portable laser lamp. The Firefly LDH transforms any indoor or outdoor space into a magical wonderland of sparkling light for utility and entertainment. The Firefly utilizes a laser and exploits the use of diffraction grating to provide a unique night light for navigation illumination such as in a hallway while resulting in a more somber environment than a regular light bulb. The emitted light is captivating and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room.

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Parhelion is an American laser technology company based in the town of Apex, North Carolina. Parhelion leverages laser technology in developing solutions to everyday problems. By providing approachable, safe, innovative and well-designed laser-based solutions, Parhelion can provide the unique characteristics of laser for ideal illumination solutions for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking to integrate Parhelion LDG technology or you’re seeking a solution that benefits from specific laser light properties, our team is here for you. Welcome to the next lighting revolution.

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